BFO Core Version 11.01 (New Released) (7/2018)

.NET 4.7.1 latest compiled

Web Start 11  (9/2018)

BFO Set Pasword Rule Version 10.1.02 (12/20/2017)

BFO Add-On Bug fix Version 10.1.02 (11/10/2017)

-Fix Chart Bug When Open Dashboard

BFO Core Version 10.1.02 (05/26/2016)

– Fix Table Object listing missing
– Fix Unicode Application Title

BFO V10.1  Debug Solution VS 2013/2015

Release History

BFO Core Version 10.1 (Released)

– Enable Server Linux Instalation (Ubuntu with Mono or Docker and ASP.NET 5 for Linux)
– Enable Objects Management (sysadmin) in Web Interface.
– Links Manager (syslinkmanager)
– Connect SFO WebApp
– Startup Client Add-ons using DevEx 15.2

BFO Core Version 8.9

– Fix F5 Column copy readonly
– Export Excel million rows
– Fix Upload document error message
– Fix open links
– Fix isDocumentUpload
– Fix Open Report Direct/Chart Pecent
– Implement Lookup pickup mode (multi select lookup can click pickup button to select values when paging)
– Implement Field EditorType=isHTMLEditor (HTML Editor for content management system). HTML Editor can adjust in property Size. Note: field should be in NTEXT or TEXT type in SQL Server to store long text value

Document and Developer guide implementation